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"The path to inspiration always begins with a good question. That is exactly what Tom does - inspires people through active listening and asking the appropriate questions at the right time. Asking the right questions can lead you to think about self-respect, honesty and authenticity, which can lead to happiness and a fulfilling life. Seeking help from Tom has lead me on this path. He is always willing to open himself up to you and share his own struggles and life lessons, experiences that are valuable to anyone who is looking to find comfort and happiness in their lives, regardless of your gender, race or line of work."

     - RF, Human Rights Organization

“Ever since I have known Tom, he has helped me through various problems that I have had to deal with in my life. No matter how big or small, he was always not only a good listener, but someone who could stimulate communication. Not only was he an active "speaker" giving me advice... he would ask me questions or stimulate my own mind to find the answers for myself, through myself. He was one of the only people who inspired my quest for something more than I even thought I could do. He inspired me to apply to better graduate schools and move on to bigger and better things. Without his inspiration, I would have probably never did any of this for myself. Seeing my abilities through his lens also motivated me to make my dreams a reality. I gained the confidence to move to Washington D.C., alone, and "start over" in something completely new in a place I had never been. And this was the start of growth and development that I instilled within myself to continue obtaining more and more for myself."   

     - FY, Tifton Police Department

"About a year ago, I was in a dark place and in need of major transitions: dead end job, bad relationship and depressed. After seeking Tom's help, he empowered me to take control of my life, to refocus the direction it was headed, and to begin to actualize my goals and dreams. Tom is an inspirational coach, and has helped provide guidance to navigate through difficult life choices. Through consistent counsel and by applying his philosophy toward problem resolution, Tom taught me how to live a happier and healthier life." 

     - MC, Fortune 100 Employee

"I came to Tom while feeling stalled in the midst of many big life changes, and Tom has been invaluable in helping me get refocused. Tom has helped me make decisions and prioritize my life to lead to greater balance and overall happiness. He has also helped me identify barriers to work through that are standing in the way of personal and professional growth and assigned exercises to address them. These are issues I would have been frustrated and unable to address on my own, and Tom has made the process seamless and positive. 

As a life coach, Tom is a great listener and offers valuable insight and perspective. He incorporates positive psychology in his work, and is more than happy to research theories and studies that apply to your personal life. He is accessible to you and flexible, which is awesome. Tom is awesome at identifying personal goals for you, offering valuable insight, and then assigning exercises or homework to keep those goals at the forefront of your mind and carrying over to the rest of your life. I've seen great personal growth since working with Tom that I would not have been able to achieve otherwise, and I couldn't be more pleased!"

      - CD, Psychologist

I think there are two things that make Tom  a great life coach.  He has always been passionate about helping people, and he has the moral courage to follow his own dreams.  As a client, I've often relied on his insight and advice to keep me honest with myself.

Earlier in the year I ended a 6-month-long relationship, and I was feeling clueless about how to go about dating again to fulfill the R (relationship) portion of Positive Psychology's idea of P.E.R.M.A.  Tom recommended that I try online dating, something completely unfamiliar to me at that point.  He helped me set up an account and navigated me through the process.  I've been meeting incredible  people ever since, and even though I am still single, I feel like I'm on the right path.  Tom showed me that he real sense of progress came from taking actions to change things that were important to me rather than being paralyzed by over analysis or insecurity.  In all honesty, it's less about my relationships with other people and more about my relationship to myself; Tom's influenced me to be more self-accountable.

The other thing that I think is really important to understand about Tom is that he left a high-paying job  in finance to help people.  He has been successful by all the standard measures that we as a society generally like to talk about (education, job, paycheck), and yet he has not let that dictate the direction of his own life.  All those things are great accomplishments, but at some point you have to be doing the things that you personally think make your life the most meaningful.  As the other young professionals my age near their thirties, I hear a lot of them talk about being fulfilled as an abstract concept.  Tom embodies it and leads by example to give that back to his clients. I think anyone looking to hire Tom would be doing themselves a great service.

       -CR, Film Industry

As of writing, I am currently on-track to make perhaps the biggest life-changing decision of my 37 years on this planet, and I consider Tom to have been one of the key points of inspiration for me actually getting off my butt and doing it instead of just dreaming of making it a reality. In my mid-to-late thirties, I've run across a bit of a meaning crisis, and Tom has done plenty to help direct me towards a more meaningful life, both on the large scale and on a daily basis. He is empathetic, thoughtful, calm, and always positive, yet grounded in reality with a pragmatic approach.

        -RB, Music Industry

I do not write reviews often. If I'm going to take the time to write a review I want it to be a thoughtful response and not all experiences are worth that time. However, my experience with Tom is worth noting. There are a number of reasons why Tom is a great therapist and life coach. Beyond his education, list of certifications, and experience, what makes Tom special is his passion for the work he does. In our sessions, I felt that he was not only listening to what I was saying but was in tune with what I was feeling. Tom is good at helping you realize your strengths and turning perceived weakness into positives. I always left our sessions with a since of direction, a personal goal or assignment to work on. Tom will often check in between sessions to see how you're doing with your goals or to give some encouragement. I enjoy and look forward to every meeting with Tom. It's a time when I can prioritize myself and work on achieving my purpose and happiness.

        -FT, Prospectus Group, LLC

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